Now You See It…


Now you don’t……

You may think that a garment is damaged beyond repair. That’s not always the case. If it’s a favorite piece, send it in and we’ll give you the final verdict and an estimate to fix the damaged area. We won’t start work until you approve of the proposal. If you decide not to proceed, you’re only responsible for shipping charges should you wish the garment to be returned to you.

Suits, sportcoats, overcoats, topcoats and sweaters are all starting to see the light of day as the weather changes. Let Reweaving of Richmond extend their lives with professional reweaving!

Give us a call today.

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2 Responses to Now You See It…

  1. Brian Schwaab says:

    I have a small hole in my suit pants. Can I send them US Postal with your form in the box?

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